New Trailer For The Final Fantasy VII Remake Shows First Look At Gameplay Footage And More


Remember how magical that first mission was in “Final Fantasy VII”? Cloud Strife making his debut and teaming up with AVALANCHE for the first time? We’ve all been dying to see what that would look like in a “Final Fantasy VII” HD remake and now we know.

A new trailer was revealed at the Playstation Experience and it shows footage from that first mission and it looks glorious. Cloud, Barrett and the rest of the AVALANCHE gang look great in HD and you even get to hear some classic dialogue from the original game spoken by these characters for the first time.

The excitement continues as you finally get to the gameplay footage. It looks like things are going to be more action based this time around as opposed to turn based. Judging from the trailer it looks similar to the battle system in “Final Fantasy XV.”

Unfortunately there wasn’t any new information revealed about a possible release date. But this┬átrailer definitely makes it look like there’s a lot to look forward to. Check it out in the clip above.