Photos From The Flash Set Reveal First Look At Killer Frost’s New Costume


The cast and crew of “The Flash” are hard at work filming content for season 6, and it looks like Killer Frost is going to be getting an updated look. Some photos from the set which show Frost wearing a new suit have surfaced online, and they can be seen below.

A few months ago during an interview with Entertainment Tonight Danielle Panabaker noted that she wanted a new suit, and it looks like she got her wish.

“I want a new suit. The Season 4 suit was different than the Season 3 suit and I want a new suit, absolutely. Killer Frost is a little bit like Vibe in that she, and like most of the superheroes, that she has to go somewhere to put her suit on, Flash has to put her suit on. So, I’m excited to see what her suit looks like whenever she gets it.”

“The Flash” season 6 is set to premiere on the CW on October 8.