James McAvoy On Why He’s Not Sure If The X-Men Are A Good Fit For The MCU


The Marvel Cinematic Universe is already massive, and over the next few years it’s going to get much bigger.

Marvel Studios will be expanding the MCU by adding X-Men characters who were previously unavailable for use due to Fox having the rights to the characters.

Fox’s X-Men film universe will be wrapping up, and it seems likely that Marvel Studios will be casting new actors to play their version of the X-Men.

James McAvoy has played Charles Xavier in several X-Men related films, but he recently explained to Yahoo why he’s unsure that the X-Men are a good fit for the MCU.

“I don’t know if the X-Men could go into the Marvel universe, I’m not sure. Maybe they could? But I think what’s different about the Avengers universe anyway is you’ve only got a couple of superheroes in the world. There’s a good amount, but there’s like a couple of football teams’ worth, you know what I mean? Whereas in the X-Men world you’re potentially saying there are hundreds of thousands, maybe millions of [superheroes] and the social implication of that is different.”

At this point it’s not clear how the X-Men will be integrated, how the existence of mutants will be explained in a film universe that’s been around for over a decade. But regardless of how it all plays out, most fans seem to agree that it will be exciting to see mutants and Avengers on the big screen someday.

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