Sony Reportedly Open To More Spider-Man Characters Appearing In The Marvel Cinematic Universe


Sony recently released a new trailer for “Venom” and so far it seems that there’s a lot of hype behind the film.

Some fans have expressed disappointment over the fact that at this point “Venom” seemingly has no connection to Spider-Man, but it looks like that could potentially change in the future.

Variety is reporting that there are people at Sony who feel “Venom” should not be R-rated and should instead be PG-13. The feeling is that a PG-13 rating will give the studio more leeway in regards to possibly featuring Spider-Man in future installments.

Spider-Man films won’t go beyond a PG-13 rating, and if “Venom” is too dark and gory it could prevent Venom from interacting with other characters in the MCU even that opportunity presents itself in the future.

Sony is reportedly open to the idea of allowing characters from their Spider-Man film universe to appear in the MCU, and it’s being said that they would also like to see cameos from Avengers in their films.

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