Chloe Bennet Shows Off New Short Hair For Agents Of SHIELD Season 3


Everybody stop what you’re doing right away because Chloe Bennet has cut her hair. Chloe has been teasing for a little while that she would embrace the classic Daisy Johnson look for “Agents of SHIELD” season 3 and she’s finally done it.

Check it out below:

💇🏻 season 3 here we come #daisyjohnson #AgentsofSHIELD

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Chloe also talked a little bit about the inspiration for her new haircut:

“The comic book version of Daisy Johnson has very short, Miley Cyrus-esque hair. We wanted to stay true to the comic book character fans love; I wanted to please them but also make sure there was still some movement and length and sexiness in the hair.” Chloe told StyleWatch.

“Agents of SHIELD” returns on September 29, 2015.