8 Fun Facts About Family Guy


Family Guy is one of the most popular cartoon shows of all time but it’s no stranger to controversy. Family Guy makes people happy, sad, angry and everything in between. No matter how you feel about the show you can’t deny that it’s a part of pop culture now. Love it or hate it, Family Guy isn’t going anywhere. Let’s take a look at 8 fun facts about Family Guy.


#8 – Joe’s Mother Hates The Show


Patrick Warburton who provides the voice of Joe Swanson on the show has a mother who absolutely hates Family Guy. She’s even written letters to the FCC telling them how much the show disgusts her.


#7 – Other Cartoon Shows Aren’t So Fond Of Family Guy


Family guy has a lot of fans but quite a few people also hate Family Guy. South Park openly attacked their rival show a few years ago with their run of episodes entitled Cartoon Wars. In the episodes Cartman goes on a mission to stop Family Guy only to find out that Family Guy’s jokes are written by manatees.

The creators of South Park aren’t the only ones that hate Family Guy as the creators of The Simpsons have also been known to take a few shots at the show accusing them of plagiarism. The beef between The Simpsons and Family Guy seems to have been smoothed over though as they recently did a crossover episode.



#6 – The Show Was Cancelled


A lot of people might not remember but at one point Fox had cancelled Family Guy. The show then saw a surge in popularity a few years later thanks to DVD sales. Fox took the hint, realized they made a mistake and put the show back on the air.



#5 – Meg Griffin Has Changed Her Voice A Few Times


Mila Kunis now provides the voice of Meg Griffin but she’s not the first person to do so. In the pilot of the show Seth MacFarlane’s sister Rachel voiced the character and then Lacey Chabert had a run as the voice of Meg Griffin. Mila Kunis has been providing the voice ever since Lacey left and we couldn’t imagine Meg sounding any different than she does now. Meg may not look all that pretty on the show but the actress who provides her voice is drop dead gorgeous.



#4 – The Show Is Banned In Some Countries


Family Guy is no stranger to controversy. The show is so controversial in fact that it’s actually banned in Malaysia, South Africa, South Korea, Egypt, Vietnam, Iran, Taiwan and Indonesia.



#3 – Seth MacFarlane Was Supposed To Be On One Of The Planes Involved In 9/11


Family Guy’s creator Seth MacFarlane was actually supposed to be on one of the planes that crashed into the World Trade Center during the tragic events of 9/11. Seth arrived 10 minutes late to the airport due to the fact that he was hungover and lucky for him he’s still alive today.



#2 – Family Guy And The Emmys


The Emmys have their own category when it comes to animated television shows but Family Guy was nominated in another category. In the year 2009 Family Guy managed to get nominated for best comedy series at The Emmys. The show was the first series to do this since The Flintstones. They didn’t win the award but that’s still quite an accomplishment.



#1 – Inspiration

Seth MacFarlane got the idea for Family Guy from two cartoons he developed called The Life of Larry and another called Larry & Steve. Seth then turned Larry into Peter and turned Steve into Brian which is how the iconic characters came to be.