New ‘Batman: Arkham VR’ Trailer Shows New Gameplay Footage And Fan Reactions


The future is coming ladies and gentlemen! “Batman: Arkham VR” is on the way and Batman fans are counting down the days until the game is released.

The game will allow Batman fans to experience what it feels like to put on the cowl and actually be the Batman. Fans will be able to dive into the game and throw Batarangs with their own two hands and more.

“Batman: Arkham VR” was announced a few months ago at E3 and luckily Rocksteady did more than just announce the game, they let people play it.

People who played through the demo at E3 gave it rave reviews and now Rocksteady has released a new trailer for the game which shows some new gameplay footage.

The trailer shows a few scenes from within the game and it also shows honest fan reactions to the experience. It’s a nice little tease and if you’ve been dying to see more footage from the game it’s definitely worth a watch. You can check it out below.