Mario Kart And Star Wars Come Together For An Awesome Mashup Called ‘Star Kart’


It turns out that “Mario Kart” and “Star Wars’ make for the ultimate mashup. Animation studio┬áDark Pixel recently put the beloved video game franchise and the beloved film franchise together and the results were perfect.

To be quite honest with you, the results were actually more than perfect. What was created here looks like a game that any fan of “Mario Kart” or “Star Wars” would love to play. We see the basics of a Mario Kart race only instead of go-karts and dirt bikes, we see X-Wings and Tie Fighters. Your favorite Mario Kart characters zip through hyperspace as they visit familiar locations from a galaxy far, far away.

The Dark Pixel studio noted that the video took over a year to make and it’s safe to say it was worth the time because it came out great. Check it out in the video above.