Watch Ryan Reynolds Get Brutally Roasted By His Twin Brother Gordon


It’s been a big year for Ryan Reynolds. “Deadpool” was finally released, and the movie was a big hit that made tons and tons of cash at the box office. Ryan Reynolds was also recently named GQ’s Man of the Year, and he sat down for a special interview to discuss his Man of the Year status.

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For this interview Ryan Reynolds didn’t talk to just anybody, he talked to his twin brother, Gordon Reynolds, and Gordon burned Ryan right to the ground. Ryan sits down for what he seems to¬†assume will be just a normal interview, but that’s not the case.

If you think Ryan Reynolds can be brutal with his jokes, just wait until you meet Gordon. Check it out below.

As of this writing “Deadpool 2” is still looking for a director. Perhaps Gordon Reynolds could be the right man for the job.