Tetsuya Nomura Confirms The Final Fantasy VII Remake Will Change The Original Story


The Internet has been buzzing over the past few days thanks to the news that a “Final Fantasy VII” remake is currently in production. We’ve seen the first trailer and it was loaded with nostalgia but armed with a modern twist. There’s no doubt that this game will be massive.

Tetsuya Nomura recently talked to Famitsu and Dengeki Online about some changes that will be made to the game. Judging from the quotes it seems that the team is looking to outdo the original in every way and that means changing the original story as well.

“I can’t get go into details, but this is not a simple remake. Let’s say for argument’s sake that we only pretty up the graphics for current gen hardware, I don’t think that would surpass the original version.”

“Since we now formally revealed Kazushige Nojima’s name for the scenario, there will be more plot devices in the story, so I think you can also look forward to that.”

“If you are going to do a full remake, you have to take a different approach and make something that suits the times.”

Many fans might say that the original story is sacred while others feel that it’s somewhat of a mess. Either way this makes the announcement even more exciting knowing that there will be some new things to look out for.

He also confirmed that we will be getting more details about the remake this coming winter. We’ve waited this long so what’s a few more years right?

via Kotaku