Stephen Amell Teases The Return Of A Fan Favorite Villain On Arrow?


It feels like “Arrow” just returned for season 5 not too long ago, but now the fifth season of the show is dangerously close to coming to an end. When “Arrow” was first created it was designed to be a five year origin story, but now that the show has been renewed for season 6, the writers have had to change up their game plan a little bit.

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As we all know from the show’s intro, Oliver Queen spent five years in hell, and at the end of the current season we’re going to find out how exactly he got off Lian Yu. Of course that means Oliver has to return to the island first, because he’s currently in Russia.

Stephen Amell appears to be teasing the return of Deathstroke, or at least his mask, as he posted the following photo on Twitter recently:

Deathstroke is arguably the most beloved villain to appear on “Arrow” so far, but things have gone quiet on the Deathstroke front as of late. Deathstroke is expected to be a big part of the DCEU going forward, which unfortunately means we’ve seen a whole lot less of him on “Arrow.”

Manu Bennett certainly seems interested in reprising the role and he recently spoke about what Slade Wilson’s “next phase” on “Arrow” should mean for the character.

It remains to be seen if we will actually be seeing an appearance from Slade Wilson himself, a Deathstroke appearance in a flashback, or if we’ll just be seeing the mask on the island. But one way or another, it looks like the cast and crew of “Arrow” are either working on, or getting close to working on the season finale, and the picture above has us excited.