The New Green Arrow Shows Off His Suit


Last week’s episode of “Arrow” changed the status quo in a big way, so just a friendly warning, if you’re not caught up this post will contain spoilers.

Now that Oliver Queen is taking care of his son William, he’s going to try and devote more time to being a dad. Being the mayor of Star City, the Green Arrow and a father can obviously be very time consuming, that’s why Oliver decided to stop being the Green Arrow.

Oliver has passed the mantle on to Diggle, and it looks like he’s more than ready to jump into action.

David Ramsey tagged Stephen Amell in an Instagram post, and he said that he accepts his offer to become the Green Arrow until he returns.

@StephenAmell until your return my friend… I accept. #arrowseason6

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During a recent interview Stephen Amell indicated that Diggle will be wearing the suit for four episodes or more, and he also said that Oliver is out completely.

“He’s out. He’s totally out. We have an instance where he has to hop back in, but it’s not in the capacity that people would expect him to. It’s in an episode called “Reversal.” He does have to hop back in, but other than the occasional visit, he’s out.”

“Arrow” will return Thursday night on the CW.