New Final Fantasy XV Gameplay Footage Shows Combat System Improvements, A New Character And More


When the “Final Fantasy XV” demo “Episode Duscae” was released, Square Enix listened to a lot of the fan feedback regarding the combat system. It wasn’t exactly fleshed out in “Episode Duscae” but that was a demo after all. Square Enix has now released a new video showing gameplay footage from the Niflheim base battle and the changes to the combat system look impressive to say the least.

Warp attacks look to have improved considerably. The warp attacks are like a great idea in the demo but they were a little clunky in the demo. Here in the new footage they look, smooth, fast and every effective. The first section of the video focuses heavily on the warp attacks as Noctis is allowed to move around the base quickly and kill several soldiers without being seen.

There’s also more emphasis put on teamwork this time around as it looks like you can use your teammates to perform combo attacks that go back and forth between characters. The user interface has also changed quite a bit as the directional pad now shows off all of the options for Noctis’ blade in the bottom left corner in addition to that we get a little taste of what the magic spells look like.

Another big moment in the clip is the reveal of a new character. At the end of the video we’re introduced to a new character named Aranea Highwind who jumps into battle as the video ends.

Fans should be able to get some hands on time with these new improvements soon as a new playable demo is supposed to be on the way in the next few months. Square Enix has confirmed that the game’s release date will be announced during their event in Los Angeles on March 30th.

You can check out the combat video below and the full Active Time Report above.