Kevin Conroy Reveals How He Felt About Batman Killing In ‘Batman V Superman’


Kevin Conroy has been voicing Batman for almost 25 years now and in the minds of some Batman fans, he is the definitive Batman.

Conroy’s interpretation of Batman is beloved by many, but there have been several other actors who have brought Batman to life as well. Kevin Conroy recently spoke with IGN about “The Killing Joke” and he gave props to all of the actors who have played Batman in feature films over the years.

“I love the fact that Warner Brothers have for the live-action Batman changed the casting so frequently. I think it’s really interesting to see different actors in the role, to see what they bring to the character. Everyone brings something different. There are so many valid ways of playing a role. It’s really fun to watch different actors do it. So I thought it was a really interesting choice that WB made to have different actors do the live-action character.”

Conroy praised Ben Affleck’s Batman, but he also noted that he wasn’t comfortable with the scenes in “Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice” which featured Batman killing.

“Personally I love the fact that Batman – in the stories I’ve done, and the way he’s been rendered by Bruce Timm and Paul Dini, the people I’ve worked with most closely – he never kills anybody. He doesn’t cross that line. Batman is not a killer. In the most recent live action movie, that seems to have been a line that was crossed and it’s not one I’m particularly comfortable with.”

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