Watch The Daredevil Season 2 Hallway Fight With Lightsabers


“Daredevil” season 1 featured a very impressive hallway fight scene which fans couldn’t stop talking about after it was released.

When season 2 arrived on Netflix, fans quickly found out that the show tried to top itself with another impressive hallway fight scene.

Whether or not the scene from season 1, or the scene from season 2 is better may be up for debate, but one fan decided to take the scene from season 2 to the next level.

That’s right, it’s often been said by fans of Star Wars that lightsabers make everything better, and it’s hard to deny that sentiment.

Whether you’re a fan of Star Wars, a fan of Daredevil, or both, surely you’ll agree that the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen looks pretty badass wielding a lightsaber. You can check out the video below.