This Is The Other Villain That’s Rumored To Appear In ‘Batman V Superman’


When the most recent “Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice” trailer dropped everyone was talking about the Doomsday reveal. But ever since the reveal director Zack Snyder has been teasing that an even larger threat will make its presence felt in the movie. Now everyone’s trying to guess who the other villain could be and a new rumor may have uncovered the secret.


According to Latino Review, Lex Luthor and Doomsday aren’t the only villains that will appear in the film. The movie is reportedly going to introduce Bizarro as a future threat for the Justice League as well.  Take this or what it’s worth but the report goes on to mention that this is not a rumor and that Bizarro will show up in “Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice” and he will be part of the setup for the Justice League movie.

One way or another we’ll find out when the film premieres on March 25th when the film hits theaters.