The Deadpool Writers Say They Would Love To Bring A X-Force Movie To The X-Universe


“Deadpool” is set to be released tomorrow but everybody’s already talking about the character’s cinematic future. It’s already been confirmed that the movie will get a sequel and Ryan Reynolds recently expressed some major interest in creating a X-Force movie.

HeyUGuys recently spoke to “Deadpool” writers Rhett Resse and Paul Wernick and they too echoed Reynolds’ sentiment about a possible X-Force movie. According to them it’s something they would love to do.

“Absolutely. Getting in to more of an ensemble piece is something we would cherish. X-Force is beloved and we love it, and Deadpool is centric to that world, and we’d love to bring an X-Force movie into the X Universe.” Paul Wernick said.

Of course following the success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Fox is trying to expand the X-Men film universe. Deadpool isn’t about to crossover into the MCU due to a rights issue. But HeyUGuys asked Rhett and Paul which character they would like to see Deadpool team up with in the MCU.

“We can’t, but that’s a rights issue because Fox only have the rights to Fantastic Four and X-Men, but I would love to see the Hulk against Deadpool, because it would be really fun to see Deadpool having to use his agility and his silliness and skills to overcome just brute force. Maybe we can figure out another way to do that with another character in the X-Men universe, but I would love to see him square up against the Hulk, it would be hilarious.” Rhett Reese said.

“I’m saying Cable.” Wernick added.

“Deadpool” opens everywhere in theaters on February 12.