Suicide Squad Director Says F**K Marvel At Movie Premiere Then Apologizes


Fans have been counting down the days until the premiere of “Suicide Squad” and the film finally hit the big screen during the world premiere in New York City on Monday night.

All of the stars from the film were in attendance, as was “Suicide Squad” director David Ayer. The director introduced the film, much to the delight of DC fans and it seems that everyone got caught up in the moment.

If you’re a DC or Marvel fan then you’re probably well aware that there’s always been a bit of a rivalry between the two brands, and fans like to take it to the next level sometimes.

As David Ayer was introducing the film at the Beacon Theatre fans started shouting “F**k Marvel” and Ayer joined in by repeating those two little words.┬áIt looks like Ayer was just having a little fun though as he apologized on Twitter shortly after the video clip of him saying “F**k Marvel” went viral.

You can check out the clip along with Ayer’s apology below.