Stephen Amell Sends A Warning To WWE’s Stardust After Monday Night Raw Appearance


For anyone out there who isn’t a wrestling fan, Stephen Amell best known for his work as Oliver Queen on “Arrow” made an appearance on WWE Monday Night Raw last night. Amell was sitting in the crowd when he was approached by Stardust and the two had a short confrontation.

You can check out a quick clip below.

Amell then warned Stardust to “tread carefully” or he’ll be back.

Stephen Amell is a big WWE fan and he’s been campaigning for WWE to let him appear on the show for months now. Raw was in Long Island last night and Amell is filming “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2” in New York City right now so the two parties were finally able to match up.

Amell also got some pictures with some other members of the roster while he was backstage. You can see a photo of him with JBL below: