Stephen Amell Says The Arrow Season 4 Premiere Does Something That’s Never Been Done On The Show


The first trailer for “Arrow” season 4 dropped last Friday and now anticipation is at an all time high for the premiere. During a recent appearance at Dragon Con 2015, Stephen Amell hyped up the premiere by saying the episode does something that’s never been done in the history of the show. See what he had to say below.

“The fundamental part of the season, that nobody is really going to understand until they see the premiere, is that we do something in the premiere that we’ve never done in the history of the show. It does something for the remainder of the season that there’s going to be a constant jeopardy in the show, even if times are good. It’s a really interesting technique. I think it promotes a good story. I think it will pique people’s interest.”

You can listen to the panel in the video below and check out “Arrow” season 4 when it returns on October 7th.