Stephen Amell Reveals His Dream Crossover For Arrow


Crossovers have become synonymous with the “Arrowverse” at this point, and fans have become accustomed to seeing characters appear on different shows throughout the television universe.

There are also plenty of shows out there that aren’t connected to the “Arrowverse” and during a recent panel at Heroes & Villains Fan Fest in London, Stephen Amell was asked what his dream crossover is, and it didn’t take long for him to answer.

LOST!” Amell shouted out via “I wanna show up on the island. I just wanna show up and I just wanna have a four minute scene with Michael Emerson’s character and then I want Jack to come in and be like, ‘We’ve gotta go back!’ And then I wanna leave forever.”

Michael Emerson’s Benjamin Linus was one of the central characters in “Lost” and he joined “Arrow” season 6 as Cayden James before he was unceremoniously killed by Ricardo Diaz.

It seems that “Arrow” and “Lost” would be an interesting fit on paper, as the way “Arrow” used flashbacks to tell Oliver’s story during the first five seasons was very reminiscent of how “Lost” used flashbacks.

What would your dream crossover be? Sound off in the comments below.