New Photos From The Flash Set Show Mark Hamill Looking Joker-Esque


Mark Hamill has appeared as Trickster a few times on “The Flash” and he’s been a treat to watch. It looks like Trickster will be making an appearance on “The Flash” at some point during season 3, but he’ll be looking a little different.

Some new photos from the set have surfaced online, and they show Mark Hamill dressed in some very Joker-esque looking clothing. Thanks to his voice work as The Joker in various Batman animated releases, and the “Arkham” games, Mark Hamill’s name has become synonymous with the “Clown Prince of Crime.”

The set photos also show Hamill standing side by side with Jay Garrick, so it’s likely that this version of Trickster will be his Earth-3 doppelganger.

Check out the photos below.

If you’ve been watching “The Flash” regularly then you know that the writers love to poke reference different roles that actors have played, and Tom Felton has already hinted that we’ll be hearing some “Harry Potter” puns.

Hopefully this Joker inspired look means we’ll be getting a Joker reference or two. One way or another it looks like Mark Hamill will be returning to “The Flash.”

Hamill won’t be the only villain returning to the show as Captain Cold is set to return in “The New Rogues” next week. The episode will also feature the debut of Grey Damon as Mirror Master.