New Photos From The Arrow Set Reveal Clues About Who Might Be In The Grave


At the beginning of “Arrow” season 4 we were treated to a flash forward sequence that showed Oliver Queen and Barry Allen standing at a grave. The big mystery all season has been, who is in the grave and how did they get there?

Everyone has their own theories about who it might be and some new pictures from the set have revealed some new clues as to who may or may not be in the grave. Just be aware that these pictures could be considered spoilers so if that’s not your thing, scrolling down probably isn’t a good move. Alright are we good?

Ok, moving on. A few shots show Katrina Law, Alex Kingston and Madison McLaughlin walking to the funeral scene.

Law of course plays Nyssa and Kingston plays Dinah Lance so their appearances could be an indication that the death has something to do with the Lance family. Obviously Dinah Lance isn’t very involved with Team Arrow so why would she care if a member of the team died? Would she show up for moral support? Seems unlikely given how rarely she appears on the show.

The next set of photos show Diggle, Felicity and Captain Lance. But the interesting thing about Captain Lance is he’s sporting two different haircuts. A few photos show him with a full head of hair and another photo shows him with his head shaved.

It’s possible that Quentin Lance watches the funeral sequence and has some sort of flashback which would require that kind of wig. That’s something “Arrow” has done in the past. Perhaps he’s having a flashback to Sara’s first funeral?

Based on these photos, who do you guys think is in the grave? Sound off in the comments below.