Kevin Feige On The “Captain America: Civil War” Mid-Credits Scene And More



“Captain America: Civil War” is an action packed thrill ride and the film introduces some new characters into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. One of the characters that joins the MCU in the film is Black Panther. Not only do we get to see Black Panther, but we also get to see Wakanda.

In the mid-credits scene for the film Bucky decides to freeze himself so that his mind can’t be manipulated by anyone that wants to use him as a weapon. Black Panther agrees to provide Bucky with a safe place to go under and he hides him in Wakanda. This makes for an interesting story arc because Black Panther spends most of the film trying to kill The Winter Solider.

“That was always sort of the idea for the end of the movie, and as the movie was being developed, it felt like it would be additionally cool to have that happen in Wakanda — a super advanced place,” Kevin Feige told CinemaBlend. “They’ve got something that he could go in. And also, it speaks to Panther’s arc. The person that he was out to kill early in the movie, he’s now nobly helping. And then, of course, that led organically to a cool moment, where Cap can go, ‘Thanks for doing this, but they’re going to come get you.’”

It’s interesting to see just how much Black Panther grows as a character throughout the course of the film. Although the film marks his first appearance in the MCU, he’s still given a decent amount of screen time and a very important story arc. The character is certainly a welcome addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and he will be stepping into the spotlight when he gets his own film in 2018