International Promo From The Flash/Arrow Crossover Spoils A Big Moment For Oliver Queen


Both “The Flash” and “Arrow” took the week off for Thanksgiving but the shows will be crossing over next week for two epic episodes. We’ve seen the trailers, we’ve read the synopsis but a new international promo from New Zealand has just dropped a major bomb about something Oliver Queen is going to discover during the crossover.


We already know that Oliver Queen has a son in this universe. We’ve seen Moira Queen pay off the mother and we saw Oliver run into the mother when he took a trip to Central City last year. Everyone knows Oliver Queen has a son, except Oliver Queen.

It looks like that’s all about to change next week as a new international promo has revealed that next week Oliver will be finding out he’s a dad. Check it out below.

You can also check out another quick clip below.

Photo: Katie Yu/The CW
Photo: Katie Yu/The CW