Huge Change To Team Arrow In This Week’s Episode


This week’s episode of “Arrow” focused heavily on the tension between Oliver Queen and Diggle regarding who will be wearing the hood from here on out, and Oliver came clean when he told Diggle that he wouldn’t be giving up the Green Arrow identity.

When they went out in the field, Diggle pressed a suspect for information, and Oliver told him to stand down. When they got back to the bunker that’s when things got interesting. Diggle went off on Oliver for not backing him, and then he walked off after Felicity tried to calm him down.

Later in the episode, Diggle questioned all of the decisions that Oliver has made and he told him that his leadership has alienated everyone around him. Oliver and Diggle traded verbal shots back and forth before things got phyisical.

Dig punched Oliver, then Oliver punched back and they brawled until Felicity told them to stop.,

Once things calmed down, they both apologized to one another and went out on a mission to destroy Ricardo Diaz’s Vertigo plant.

But something big happened when they got back to the bunker.

Diggle told Oliver that he respects him, and he thanked him for his apology, but he also told him that he’s stretching himself too thin by trying to wear the hood, be the mayor, and be a father. Dig told him that even though he’s become a better man, he’s become a worse leader in the process.

After saying what he had to say, Diggle announced to Oliver and Felicity that he’s leaving the team.

Now Team Arrow is down to just Felicity and Oliver, for now anyway.