Grant Gustin On Why The Flash Season 5 Could Be Similar To Season 1


“The Flash” is set to return in a few weeks for its fifth season, and it sounds like fans are in for some fun, as the new season is said to have more of a lighthearted tone.

Grant Gustin recently talked about the direction of the new season during an interview with EW, and he compared season 5 to season 1.

“I don’t want people’s expectations to be through the roof, but I really think this could be very similar to season 1 in [terms of] the heart and humor it had and the scope,” Gustin said.

A lot of the focus in the new season will be on Iris and Barry’s time traveling daughter, Nora, and Gustin also noted that Nora will bring out a side of Barry we don’t get to see as much anymore.

“The dynamic between Barry and Nora has been a lot of fun to play with. Nora really looks up to Barry, and they have a connection right away, and she brings out that kind of fun, more bubbly side of Barry that we don’t get to see quite as much anymore.”

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