Gorilla Grodd Returning For The Flash Season 3, New Details About The Main Villains


Last season on “The Flash” Team Flash had another encounter with Gorilla Grodd, and it ended with Grodd being transported to Gorilla City.

After Grodd was sent to Gorilla City fans wondered if we would be seeing him again and the answer is yes, we will. Thursday at the CW’s TCA panel producer Andrew Kreisberg confirmed that we will be seeing Gorilla Grodd in season 3 of “The Flash.”

“Yes, we’re going to be doing a two-part episode that takes place in Gorilla City.”

It was also revealed at the TCA panel that “The Flash” season 3 will feature two villains and they will be Dr. Alchemy and Savitar. It hasn’t been confirmed at this point, but Savitar is believed to be the dark speedster who we say facing off against Wally West in the recent set photos that made their way online.

However, it’s unclear right now whether or not Savitar will only be appearing in the “Flashpoint” universe or if he will be a recurring character beyond that story arc.

It was confirmed earlier during the TCA press panel by CW president Mark Pedowitz that “Flashpoint” will only be lasting for a “couple of episodes.”

“The Flash” season 3 will premiere on the CW on Tuesday, October 4th.