Arrow Producers Tease Flashbacks For Other Characters And Possible Flash-Forwards For Season 6


The island flashbacks have become a big part of “Arrow” over the past four seasons but it was confirmed at the CW’s TCA panel that the flashbacks, as we know them anyway will be ending in season 5.

The island flashbacks were originally planned to be a five season arc. Oliver Queen’s island flashbacks may be coming to an end, but producer Marc Guggenheim revealed to IGN that the flashbacks won’t be going away completely, but they start focusing on other characters.

“We still want to make that part of our storytelling, because we do like them. We like when those non-island flashbacks sort of illuminate what’s going on in the present day. That’ll always be a part of the show and a part of the show’s storytelling structure. It just won’t be telling a serialized story.”

Guggenheim also teased that the show might flash-forward with certain characters.

“We might even do a flashforward. You never know! I think it would be fun to do it with Oliver. It might be fun to do it with Diggle.”

Producer Wendy Mericle noted that flash-forwards are just an idea at the moment, and not something the team has discussed thoroughly.

“At least for the immediate future, we haven’t talked about flashing forward as much as we have flashing back from different character perspectives,” Mericle said. “The nice thing is we’ve used the device on the show for five seasons. We have it in our tool kit now. I think we’ll use it whenever it’s appropriate, whenever it feels right. For me, I think it would be really fun to do a villain and see it from a villain’s point of view, because that’s such a shorthand for getting inside the head of the bad guys.”

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