The Flash Season 3: Is Killer Frost Returning?

killer frost

“The Flash” season 2 introduced Earth-2 and the arrival of doppelgangers. One of the more memorable doppelgangers we met last year was Caitlin Snow of Earth-2, better known as Killer Frost.

Killer Frost was a fan-favorite last season on “The Flash” but unfortunately she only appeared in a few episodes. Frost was killed by Zoom in season 2, but it looks like we may not have seen the last of her.

Last season Kevin Smith directed an episode of “The Flash” titled “The Runaway Dinosaur” and he recently started shooting another episode for season 3. As is customary with most people who work on “The Flash” or “Arrow” Smith posted a picture of the script on social media, but the episode title in the picture is hidden by a pen.

So what could the episode title be? Heroic Hollywood pointed out that if you look very closely at the top of the page, it reveals the episode title to be “Killer Frost.”

You can check out a fan edit which gives a better look below.

As noted, it appeared that Killer Frost of Earth-2 was killed by Zoom in season 2, but according to the episode title it looks like we’ll be getting a Killer Frost-centric episode.

Does this mean Killer Frost of Earth-2 will be returning, or will Caitlin Snow of Earth-1 be going through a transformation? Sound off in the comments below.