Diggle Is Going To Have A Tough Time Adjusting To The New Team Arrow


Season 4 was an emotional season for Diggle. He spent most of the season dealing with his brother Andy. Diggle tried hard to rehabilitate Andy, but it was too late. By the time Diggle got to his brother he was already in too deep with Damien Darhk, and there was no turning back.

Eventually one thing led to another, and Diggle was forced to kill Andy. Without a doubt Diggle was one of the characters who was challenged the most last season, and it sounds like he still has a lot of work to do when it comes to putting himself back together.

“He’s stationed in Chechnya,” executive producer Wendy Mericle revealed to TV Line. “He’s still in the military, and he’s very much a man without a state. He’s away from his family, and he’s away from the team, so he’s away from that family. He’s trying to figure out how he can get that sense of himself back after killing his brother.”

Diggle walked away from Team Arrow, and without him, Thea and Laurel, Oliver and Felicity are going to have to rebuild.

We know that eventually Diggle will return to Star City, but when he does Team Arrow will look very different. New names such as Artemis, Wild Dog and Mr. Fantastic will be getting into the mix, and that’s going to take some getting used to for Diggle.

“He’s not going to love all these little upstarts, trying to take over his role,” Mericle said. “But he’ll adjust. He’s going to find some common ground with Wild Dog, and that will help take the sting out of it.”

“Arrow” will return for season 5 on Wednesday, October 5.