Dylan O’Brien And Logan Lerman Reportedly Being Considered For New Spider-Man


Ever since Marvel announced their new partnership with Sony to share Spider-Man a lot of rumors have been flying around. One of the rumors that seems to be all but confirmed is that Spidey himself will be recast and Andrew Garfield is out. This of course has led many to wonder who will be replacing him.

Variety is currently reporting that Dylan O’Brien And Logan Lerman are two names currently being considered for the role. O’Brien recently saw success with the lead role in The Maze Runner and Lerman with the Brad Pitt film Fury. 

One thing that seems to be for sure is that Marvel wants to go with a younger Spider-Man in his high school era. “The plan is to spend more time in the setting and explore his awkward relationship with other students while fighting crime out of the classroom,” according to Variety.

Expect a casting announcement sooner than later as Spider-Man is expected to appear in Captain America: Civil War which starts shooting in April.