The Dominators’ Plan Revealed, Green Arrow And Supergirl Become BFFs, And More From The Last Night Of The DC Crossover


This week the highly anticipated four way “Arrowverse” crossover finally took place, and it was epic. The crossover kicked off with a quick scene in “Supergirl” then “The Flash” and “Arrow” knocked it out of the park.

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Coming out of the 100th episode of “Arrow” this week’s episode of “Legends of Tomorrow” kicked off with White Canary, Green Arrow, The Atom and Spartan returning to Earth in an alien ship. It was decided that Vixen, Heat Wave, Cisco, Steel and Felicity would travel into the past to abduct a Dominator, while Green Arrow, Flash, The Atom, Spartan and White Canary confronted the new President. Oliver pulled Supergirl aside, and told her he’s not comfortable working with her, and then he told her to sit the mission out.

In 1951, Vixen, Heat Wave and Steel watched as the Dominators destroyed the battlefield in Oregon. After the battle died down, they moved in on a straggler, and Mick Rory lit the lone Dominator on fire before Steel knocked it out.

The United States government then appeared out of nowhere and intimidated the trio before hitting them with darts that knocked them out. Back on the Waverider, Cisco decided that he and Felicity would have to be the ones to rescue them.

The show cut to Vixen, Steel and Heat Wave in a cell with the Dominator they knocked out, and they tried to interrogate him. The alien told them that they were on Earth to determine if the metahumans are a threat.

In the present, Green Arrow, Flash, The Atom and White Canary prepared to meet with the new President. Barry then defeated some threatening government officials with the help of The Atom, Green Arrow and White Canary.

Back in the past Felicity and Cisco rescued the heroes, and the alien that was captured. They set the alien free and let it take the Dominator ship that was commandeered in the 100th episode of “Arrow.”

In the present a government official told Barry Allen that he violated a truce between humans and the Dominators when he broke the timeline. He told Barry that the Dominators want him, and if he wants to uphold the truce, he will turn himself over.

Cisco, Felicity, Vixen, Steel and Heat Wave returned to the present, and they received a video message from the Dominator they saved. It told them their lives would be spared if they turned over Barry Allen.

Cisco then used alien tech to Vibe, and he and Steel communicated with the alien they saved, and he revealed that their race was out to eliminate metahumans before they could threaten their planet.

The rest of the heroes then debated as to whether they should turn Barry over. Barry made it clear that he wanted to turn himself over, and they tried to talk him out of it. The team united behind Barry, and they all came together to fight the Dominators.

The Dominators tried to drop a metabomb on Earth, that would destroy all metas, and the heroes tried to stop them. Heat Wave, Firestorm, Green Arrow, The Atom, Flash, Supergirl, Vixen and Spartan all battled the Dominators on a rooftop.

During the battle one of the Dominators threw Green Arrow off a rooftop, and Supergirl saved him. He gave her a nod of approval. Supergirl and Flash then implanted devices in the aliens, as Firestorm absorbed the energy of the metabomb. The bomb was destroyed, and the Dominators retreated.

The heroes stood with the real new President of the United States, as she commended them for saving Earth.

After that all of the heroes popped champagne and partied. Supergirl caught up with Green Arrow and Flash, and she had a heart to hear wth them and told them that they’re Earth’s mightiest heroes. Oliver made amends and told her this Earth could use a Supergirl, and she told him her Earth could use an Oliver Queen. They did a group hug.

Cisco handed Supergirl a device that would allow her to crossover to and comminucate with their universe anytime she wants.

Stein told Jax he can’t tell the team about her daughter because he doesn’t want to lose her.

Supergirl told everyone she’s just a call away before going back to her Earth.

Oliver, Diggle and Barry all had a bro moment, then Oliver and Barry hit up the bar for a drink. They both agreed that their lives would be incomplete if they were normal, they toasted and the episode ended.