Charlie Cox Says He’s Contractually Obligated To Do Marvel Films If They Need Him


The past few weeks have been big for the “Daredevil” crew. The show is a massive hit and a second season has already been confirmed. Many fans have been asking if we will see Daredevil appear in any upcoming Marvel films and Charlie Cox confirmed that if Marvel comes calling, he’s obligated to appear.

“I’ve read Civil War now, I’ve read The New Avengers, I know he’s in there but I think I missed the boat on Civil War because they’re filming that. I don’t know, Marvel have not mentioned that to me at all. It’s in my contract that if they want me to do it, I’m there, and I would love that. That would be an extension of the dream, but I’m a pretty happy customer at this point, to get to do the series again. And I get to do The Defenders at some point.” Cox told Close-Up Film.