The Black Canary Statue Is Unveiled In New Promo Video For Arrow Season 5


We said goodbye to Laurel Lance in “Arrow” season 4, but her legacy lives on. The legacy of the Black Canary will be memorialized with a statue in “Arrow” season 5, and the statue has been revealed in a new promo video for the first episode.

“Arrow” will be going back to its roots in season 5, and instead of meta-humans with superpowers being front and center, the focus will be on Oliver Queen and Team Arrow.

The show’s producers have said that the new season will be dark and gritty, and the very first episode of the season will be titled “Legacy.”

It looks like the episode will focus not only on Oliver Queen’s legacy, both as the mayor of Star City, and the Green Arrow, but also on the Black Canary, and Team Arrow’s legacy as well.

The CW has released a new promo video featuring new footage from the upcoming season, along with the unveiling of the Black Canary statue and you can check it out below.