The Avengers, The X-Men And More Join Forces In Fan Made Trailer For ‘Marvel: Ultimate Alliance’


Fan made trailers are all the rage right now and one YouTuber that seems to have his finger on the pulse is Alex Luthor. He’s made some great trailers in the past such as “Avengers vs. X-Men” Marvel’s “Planet Hulk” and more.

Now Alex Luthor is back with a trailer that takes footage from just about every Marvel movie out there to create one epic supercut.

Heroes from all of the different Marvel franchises spread out across several different film studios all join forces to take on a team of villains. The epic supercut features X-Men characters side by side with The Avengers, the Guardians of the Galaxy and more of your favorite Marvel heroes.

The trailer will definitely make you wish this movie was real as it looks like the ultimate (no pun intended) Marvel movie experience.

It doesn’t look like these characters will be coming together in a movie anytime soon, so this is the closest we’ll get to seeing a Marvel movie of this magnitude. Luckily┬áthe trailer exceeds all expectations and you can check it out below.