Arrow: Twitter Was Not Happy With Oliver Queen After This Week’s Episode


This week’s episode of “Arrow” was titled “The Sin-Eater” and to no one’s surprise it featured Oliver Queen making some poor choices. Oliver’s love life has been known to get him in trouble from time to time and it happened once again this week.

All season long viewers have known that there’s something shady about Susan Williams and this week she straight up asked Oliver if he’s the Green Arrow. Oliver said yes, then he backtracked and said he was joking.

He later spoke to Thea about Susan Williams and he told her that he handled the situation, but clearly Thea didn’t agree. Thea then enlisted the help of Felicity and Felicity hacked Susan’s computer and planted some incriminating evidence that discredited her as a journalist.

All of this was done behind Oliver’s back, so when he found out he confronted Thea and he berated her. He tried to make up for his awful behavior later in the episode, but it just wasn’t enough for the users of Twitter.

Twitter didn’t react well to Oliver Queen’s actions this week and you can see 10 of the funniest reactions below.