The Supergirl Pilot Has Leaked Online


It’s not easy to keep things from leaking nowadays and not even “Supergirl” is safe from these type of situations. Similar to what happened with “The Flash” last year, the pilot has leaked months before the official release date.

We can’t link to it for legal reasons but it is available in HD through file sharing websites LOL and DiMENSiON. The leaked version is said to be crisp and clear with no watermarks and clocks in at 46 minutes. It’s possible that more episodes could leak over the next few days but CBS is known for working around the clock to stop leaks. If this is something you want to see time is probably of the essence.

Although leaks are generally seen as a negative thing by networks, it actually helped generate a good buzz around “The Flash” when something similar happened last year. Word of mouth got around that the pilot was good which seemingly caused more people to tune into the premiere.

In any case, “Supergirl” is set to premiere on CBS this November.