Stephen Amell Says He’s Still Probably Going To Do Something With WWE


When Stephen Amell first had his confrontation with Stardust on Raw, it seemed that an angle was definitely going to happen between the two. They taunted each other back and forth via social media and WWE was constantly name dropping Amell during Stardust’s matches.

For a while the rumor was that the two would face off at SummerSlam. Then Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer reported that the idea of a match had been scrapped but didn’t give a reason why. noted that Amell’s contract with the CW could have been a road block for a potential match because it prevents him from doing anything which might injure him causing him to not be available to shoot “Arrow.”

In any case Stephen Amell was asked about possibly working with WWE at Comic Con and he mentioned that he will probably be doing something with the company in the future.

“I’m probably going do some stuff with WWE. I don’t know if it’s gonna be wrestling.” Amell said.