Stephen Amell Growing Beard To Try And Match Green Arrow’s Iconic Image


Stephen Amell has been playing Oliver Queen on the small screen since 2012, and he’s made the character his own.

There are certainly some noticeable differences between Amell’s Oliver Queen and his comic book counterpart, but Amell is currently trying to bridge the gap.

Stephen recently took to Twitter to say that he’s been trying to grow a beard to look more like the Green Arrow, but he’s getting closer to Thanos.

We’ll have to wait and see how the beard thing works out, but one way or another it looks like we’ll at least be seeing Oliver with a goatee this season.

Fans have been waiting to see Stephen rock the iconic Oliver Queen goatee, and a few months ago Stephen claimed during a convention appearance that we will see it during season 7.

“Just because you’ve been polite, and just because everyone has been so nice to me today, I can break some news for you and let you know that in Season Seven I am going to debut the goatee.”

“Arrow” will return in October.