Robbie Amell Set To Return To The Flash In Season 3

robbie amell

Fans who have been hoping to see Robbie Amell return to “The Flash” will be happy to know that he’ll be making an appearance sooner than later. According to EW, Robbie Amell will be reprising his role as Ronnie Raymond for an upcoming episode of the show.

At this point in time it’s not known how Ronnie will be returning but with all the craziness that takes place on “The Flash” it’s possible that he could be a Ronnie Raymond doppelganger or he could be from another timeline.

Ronnie Raymond hasn’t had the best of luck on “The Flash” as he was believed to be dead following the particle accelerator explosion. It was later revealed that the explosion caused Ronnie to merge with Martin Stein, which in turn created Firestorm.

Team Flash helped Ronnie and Martin get the whole Firestorm situation under control and Ronnie later married his love, Caitlyn Snow, but they did not get the chance to live happily ever after. Not that anyone ever does in the “Arrowverse.”

Ronnie was later presumed dead when he destroyed the singularity above Central City and he hasn’t been seen since. We did however meet his Earth-2 doppelganger during season 2 of “The Flash” but he didn’t last very long, as he was killed by Zoom.

How will the show bring Ronnie Raymond back? We’ll just have to wait and see.

“The Flash” returns on Tuesday, January 24.