Manu Bennett Criticizes How Deathstroke Was Handled On Arrow


If you ask the fans what their favorite season of Arrow is, most of them will say season 2. If you ask them why, usually they cite Deathstroke as being the reason why there’s so much love for season 2. Manu Bennett’s portrayal of Deathstroke has received a lot of praise from fans and critics alike and many were hoping to see more of the character in season 3.

Manu Bennett recently spoke to and was pretty vocal about not liking the direction that Arrow took the character this season.

“I think Deathstroke had a lot of possibilities with Arrow but, I think they took it in the wrong direction, I think they should have honoured the Marv Wolfman character who was literally unstoppable. I read the DC comic books and thought Deathstroke was so bad arse because they make it that nobody can stop him. He’s not even super-powered, he is just a mercenary,”

“It took the Justice League to defeat him; it took an army to take him on. In Arrow, it took a while for Oliver to prove his point, but (season three) was just a beating of Slade, adding insult to injury.” Bennett told

It’s hard to disagree with him as many were hoping to see more Slade Wilson in this year and hopefully we will all get that in season 4.

What do you think, do you agree with Manu Bennett?