Leaked Photos From The Flash Set Show Nora Allen’s Speedster Suit And New Villain


The cast of “The Flash” returned to the set a few weeks ago, and some interesting photos from the set have made their way online. In the season 4 finale we found out that the mystery girl was Nora Allen, Iris and Barry’s speedster daughter from the future, and it doesn’t look like we’re going to have to wait very long to see her suit up.

As we can see, Nora’s suit looks very similar to the suit that Iris wore when she inherited Barry’s speedster powers temporarily in season 4.

A photo of a new villain wearing a mask has surfaced online, and interestingly enough, Barry is also spotted in the photos wearing his suit from season 1.

With the “Arrowverse” set to take the spotlight at San Diego Comic Con this weekend, hopefully we’ll be getting some more insight in regards to what we can expect from season 5.

“The Flash” will return in October.