Kid Flash Arrives On The DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow Set

kid flash

DC’s “Legends of Tomorrow” fans were forced to say goodbye to some fan favorites a few weeks ago when Martin Stein and Jax were written out of the show, and now the team needs some new recruits.

Luckily John Constantine has boarded the Waverider temporarily, and it’s been confirmed that Wally West will be joining the team soon.

Kid Flash is set to be a series regular on “Legends of Tomorrow” going forward.

It looks like Keiynan Lonsdale has been hard at work on the set as of late because Nick Zano who plays Nate Heywood on the show recently shared a photo of Lonsdale alongside Maisie Richardson-Sellers who plays Amaya, and he referred to him as an official member of the team.

Wally briefly appeared on the show earlier in the season, but it looks like we’ll be seeing a lot more of him now that he’s an official member of the team.

During season 3 of “The Flash” Wally West was one of the main characters, but it was clear early on when the show returned for season 4 that he was getting lost in the shuffle.

Luckily “Legends” will put Wally in an environment where he’ll be able to thrive, so at the very least the next few episodes should be fun.