It Looks Like Stephen Amell Hosting Raw Is Closer To Becoming A Reality


Stephen Amell, who was recently cast as Casey Jones in the next Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film, but is best known for his role as Oliver Queen on Arrow has been anything but shy about his desire to host WWE’s Monday Night Raw. He’s made it pretty clear on social media that he’s a huge WWE fan and would love to be part of the show. It finally seems that WWE is taking notice as they tweeted the following yesterday.

There hasn’t been any sort of statement from WWE in regards to Amell hosting Raw at some point but at least now he’s definitely on their radar. It’s also interesting that WWE managed to intergrate Amell’s “Sinceriously” campaign into the tweet as well. The campaign benefits two charities, Stand for Silent which is an anti-bullying charity as well as Paws & Stripes which pairs wounded veterans with service dogs. We all know WWE is very supportive of the American troops and also has their only anti-bullying campaign. Promoting Stephen Amell’s “Sinceriously” campaign is right up WWE’s alley and since season 3 of Arrow will be ending next month it wouldn’t be surprising to see him pop up on Raw sooner than later.