Here’s The Rumor On How Long Peter Parker Has Been Spider-Man In The MCU


Spider-Man is finally making his big MCU debut next year in “Captain America: Civil War” and everyone was thrilled to hear that we would be skipping the origin story this time. However, when it was revealed that there would be no origin, it left us with some questions such as, how long has Spider-Man been around in the MCU?

According to Heroic Hollywood, rumor has it that Spider-Man has been active for a little over a year in relation to the timeline of “Captain America: Civil War.” They go on to mention that Spider-Man is considered a myth and/or an urban legend in the film universe. But that’s obviously going to change quite a bit when he comes face to face with The Avengers.

It’s pretty cool to have some Spider-Man news, but if you’re anything like us, you’re probably dying to see what the new costume is going to look like. Hopefully we get to look at it sooner rather than later.