The Flash Season 3: What Happened During Flashpoint?


After months of hype “The Flash” returned for season 3 with the highly anticipated episode “Flashpoint.” Spoilers ahead….

The episode kicked off with Barry Allen living the good life. In the “Flashpoint” universe Barry Allen’s parents were still alive, and Wally West was Kid Flash. A few minutes into the episode, Barry saw a fight between The Rival and Kid Flash, and he went to assist, but when he arrived at the scene he was happy to let Wally do the heavy lifting. The Rival threw lightning in Barry’s direction and Wally West saved him.

Three months had passed between the season 2 finale, and the season 3 premiere, and Barry Allen was starting to lose his memories. He locked the Reverse-Flash up, and Eobard Thawne warned Barry that he was running out of time, and told him that eventually he would beg him to kill his mother again.

For months Barry had been watching Iris from the sidelines, and in “Flashpoint” he finally got the courage to ask her out. However, their date was interrupted when Kid Flash and The Rival got into another fight. Iris quickly bailed as soon as she found out about the scuffle, and Barry ran to the scene to see if he could help.

The Rival threw Kid Flash from a window into a dumpster and Barry unmasked Wally West then took Wally back to his lair. There they met up with Iris. In this universe Team Flash was made up of Iris and Wally.

Barry decided to help them fight The Rival, and they enlisted the help of Cisco Ramon, the owner of Ramon Industries and the richest man in America.

Barry explained the entire concept of “Flashpoint” to Cisco, Wally and Iris, telling him that he changed the timeline, but Iris seemed to be the only one that believed him.

Wally and Barry teamed up to face The Rival, and Barry tried to call the shots. He came up with a plan to take the speedster down, but Wally didn’t listen and he ended up getting stabbed through the gut by The Rival.

Barry took The Rival down after a pep talk from Iris, and as Barry was going to check on Wally, The Rival got up and tried to attack Barry one last time. Joe West appeared from the shadows and he saved Barry by shooting The Rival. Barry unmasked and revealed himself to Joe, then told him Wally needed help. They both checked on Wally then took him to Ramon Industries.

Earlier in the show Barry had kidnapped Caitlin Snow, who was an ophthalmologist in this timeline, and she checked on Wally who was laid up in a bed after being stabbed. Barry told her he should be healing because of his powers, and Caitlin said Wally was not healing.

That’s when Barry realized the impact that the “Flashpoint” universe was having on the people he cares about, and he decided to change things back to the way they were.

Throughout the show Barry was losing his memories, and he seemed to be getting weaker. Iris took him to meet up with the Reverse-Flash, and Barry asked him to kill his mother again in order to fix the timeline. Barry then set the Reverse-Flash free and the two tried to travel back in time.

As Barry was trying to leave he collapsed, Reverse-Flash picked him up and told him that this time, he gets to be the hero. They then went back in time and Reverse-Flash killed Barry Allen’s mother.

Reverse-Flash then took Barry to his doorstep, and then he hinted to Barry that not everything will be the same for him before taking off.

Barry walked in the door to find Joe and Wally drinking beers, and they asked him how he was handling the death of his father. Barry sat down and talked with them for a few minutes then asked where Iris is.

Joe and Wally got offended that he asked about Iris and Joe left. Wally questioned Barry as to why he would ask about Iris, saying that Barry already knows Joe and Iris don’t talk. An upset look then flashed on Barry’s face.

We then saw Edward Clariss who was The Rival in the “Flashpoint” timeline. He was awoken by a voice telling him he needed to get up. He then looked at a mirror which had the word “ALCHEMY” scratched into it to end the episode.