The Flash EP On Why They Chose Savitar As One Of The Villains For Season 3


“The Flash” will be jumping right into “Flashpoint” when the show returns for season 3, and Barry’s world is going to look very different.

In the first trailer that was released for “The Flash” season 3 we got to see footage of Wally West having a standoff with a dark speedster who was later identified as Savitar.

Savitar will be one of two main villains in season 3, as it’s also been revealed that Dr. Alchemy will be another one of the big bads who will be messing with Barry. It should be interesting to see how the two villain scenario plays out considering one is a speedster and one is not.

“The Flash” executive producer Tod Helbing recently spoke to IGN and he talked about why the show decided to use another speedster as a main villain this time around.

“Yeah, I think in general if you have some of these other meta humans, it gets hard to show how Barry can’t get them. If you have another speedster, especially someone like Zoom, or Reverse Flash, you need somebody on an equal level to provide that threat that a lot of these other metas can’t do.”

He also noted that Savitar will be different compared to Reverse-Flash and Zoom.

“Savitar is more of a psychological villain in a weird way. I think the Hindu word for Savitar means God of Speed; he’s all about speed. Everything about this guy is different. I can’t go into super detail, but he’s not like Zoom or Reverse Flash.”

“The Flash” will return for season 3 on October 4th.