Barry Tells Kid Flash To Fall In Line In New Clip From The Flash


Wally West finally got his Kid Flash suit during the winter finale of the “The Flash” and he’ll be fighting crime alongside Barry when the show returns in January. Although Wally West is a member of the team now, he’s still got a lot to learn, but luckily for him Barry has decided to take him under his wing. However, as we’ve seen already, Wally West tends to get a little overzealous, and Barry Allen doesn’t seem to like that very much.

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In the latest clip from the winter premiere of “The Flash” titled “Borrowing Problems From The Future,” Barry gets confrontational with Wally West, and he goes full Oliver Queen on him. Flash comes down on Kid Flash pretty hard, and he basically tells him that he needs to know his role.

It doesn’t look like this Flash/Kid Flash partnership is going to get off to a smooth start, and you can check out the clip below.

“The Flash” will return on January 24.