Barry Allen Comes Face To Face With Kid Flash In New Flashpoint Clip


Barry Allen will be living the dream when “The Flash” returns tonight with “Flashpoint.” He’ll have everything he ever wanted, and he won’t have to work as hard either because in the “Flashpoint” universe there’s another Flash doing all the heavy lifting.

In the “Flashpoint” universe Wally West has fully developed speed powers, and judging from the footage we’ve seen so far, it seems to be clearly established that he’s the hero of Central City.

However, Wally West won’t be the only speedster we see in “Flashpoint” as he’ll have to deal with The Rival, a dark speedster who has become a thorn in Wally’s side.

The CW has released a new clip from “Flashpoint” and it shows a face to face meeting between Barry Allen and Kid Flash.

In the clip Barry is chasing two speedsters when he catches up to them just in time for an action packed confrontation. Barry finds himself in the line of fire and you can see how it all goes down in the clip below.